Eni Jewellery’s new collaboration with Fair Trade metals

Eni Jewellery’s new collaboration with Fair Trade metals

We mostly use silver for our jewellery, but we are willing to work also with cold from now on.

So all you people who are interested in gold jewellery, you now have the option to choose Fair trade metals for your custom orders.

Gold is pure

Every day millions of workers enter mines in search of one of our most loved treasures – gold. This highly sought after precious metal has long stood as a symbol of innocence, purity and prosperity. Gold neither deteriorates nor fades. Fairtrade Gold epitomises an untainted, hopeful and sustainable future.

Welcome to the FAIRTRADE Mark Guidelines for Fairtrade Gold and related Precious Metals. These Guidelines have been developed in order to protect the integrity and values of the FAIRTRADE Gold Mark.

Fairtrade’s imperative has been to develop the opportunities available to artisanal miners to the fullest potential. Working in some of the most extreme and remote landscapes on the planet, millions of gold miners encounter daily a world rife with exploitation and marginalisation. Even so, miners in South America and Africa have committed to trading under Fairtrade’s conditions and have secured a sustainable future with safer working conditions. Fairtrade is constantly implementing new ideas to empower these artisanal miners and bring to market a metal that is pure.


“Gold certified to Fairtrade Standards provides small-scale miners and their communities in developing countries the opportunity
for better living and working conditions.
Visit www.fairgold.org”