Eni Jewellery was founded by Eleni Koumara, who is both the designer and the maker of all her creations.

Design and manufacture have conducted her on a path of continuous research that starts by a shape or a life experience and ends up in a creation of some sort, often never quite anticipated. The process of giving life to an idea, milling it with fire and hammer, leaves her always pleasantly surprised.

Eleni started her Jewellery training in Greece over 10 years ago and improved her skills at Central Saint Martin, London. She has collaborated with the Etsy London Local team and she have showcased her creations in several fairs, exhibitions and markets in Greece, Berlin and the UK.

Eni Jewellery has been featured in the December’s, January’s and February’s 2017 edition of British VOGUE, in their premium jewellery advertorial page ‘Christmas Carats’.

Special thanks to The Dreamer for the beautiful photos in the slideshow, and  Haris Kolovos for the majority of the product photos you can see on the e-shop.

The logo is made by the graphic designer and typography specialist Hello Panos.

All intellectual property rights in our designs are and will belong to Eleni Koumara. Any
infringement will be pursued vigorously.