Who we are

Launched in London 2016, Eni Jewellery offers a new grunge.


Each collection is developed and designed by Eleni Koumara, and therefore expresses her distinctive and original style.


Design and manufacture have conducted her on a path of continuous research that starts by a shape or a life experience and ends up in a creation of some sort, often never quite anticipated. The process of giving life to an idea, milling it with fire and hammer, leaves her always pleasantly surprised.


Eleni started her Jewellery training in Greece over 10 years ago and improved her skills at Central Saint Martin, London. She has collaborated with various london local teams and she have showcased her creations in several fairs, exhibitions and markets in Greece, Berlin, Shangai and the UK.

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Since 2016 we have incorporated an eco friendly philosophy, using eco and recycled silver and recycled promoting materials. We are proud to have signed up to be one of the jewellers certified to work with Fairtrade gold.


Our collections are aimed at the fashionable, modern woman who wants to express her individuality. Regardless of age or seasonal trends.


The brand’s jewellery is sculptural, modern and handmade, with a distinct style.

It is a great honour to receive the award for
Excellence in Jewellery
by NAJ (National Association of Jewellers UK) 2020