Post Punk

Post Punk

The project

The post punk collection is inspired by the punk aesthetic of the 1970s.

Punk style contained distorted reflections of all the mayor post war subculture. The innovation of this subculture and the progressive ideas that punk represents, being about provocation and confrontation, stimulated many designers and artists.

Post-punk, as every subculture, represents a different handling of the raw material of social existence.It introduced the idea of eclecticism, the idea of deconstruction, the idea of mixing different stylistic references into on ensemble.

The collection tries to sanitize the origins and the meanings of this street style’s original manifestation. It’s an attemption to expand the parameters of fashion and to question fashion in general. Nothing has come since then that’s been as radical.

More over, the reason to create a collection inspired by the punks, was also because their honest motivation. Punks used to swore as they dressed. There was a truth in this subculture, an innocence and an authenticity. These are the values that are more missing from modern societies. Although the borders in sexuality and genders have loosed, the originality and initial intentions are still under question.

Skull Ring, Necklace and Earrings

The pieces are inspired by the excessive over representation found in post-punk’s clothes and accessories.

The whole structure of the Skulls Collection is born out of the idea that “the forbidden is permitted”.

Safety Pin Ring, Necklace and Earrings

The shape comes from a deformed interpretation of a safety pin head.

Safety pins are another popular accessory worn in Punk fashion. The transformation gives a different volume and perspective to the standard elongated shapes of safety pins.