Chenier Bracelet Pieces


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The Chenier Bracelet Pieces is made from fine silver pieces.

Each piece it is hammered by hand from a flat sheet into a hollow form, with the edges coming together perfectly above the curve.

It has a matte finish, that makes it look natural & organic.

The Chenier Bracelet Pieces is minimal, elegant and simple in design, so perfect for every occasion.

There are available two different versions:

  • Small (15cm) which consists from 3 silver pieces
  • Big (19cm) which has 3 big and 2 small pieces

The small size is ideal for thin hands or children (there is a small extension in the chain so they can wear it later on), and the big one is unisex as it can be worn from men and women.

You can combine it with your favourite earrings, for example the Silver Round Earrings.

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Small (15cm), Big (19cm)